Cleaning services at Valley Health Center are not provided for tenant suites. Special cleaning requests such as carpet stain removal or waxing of tile floors can be scheduled through the Management Office and will be charged back to tenant. 

Tenants are responsible for making outside arrangements for the removal and proper disposal of furniture, appliances, and electronic office equipment. 

Coffee grounds should be placed in trashcans and never washed down any part of the building plumbing system. To help eliminate unnecessary carpet stains due to leaking trash bags, containers with liquids should be emptied prior to disposal. 

Tenants are responsible for the proper collection, disposal, and removal of regulated medical “red bag” waste and Sharps containers. Tenants are responsible for providing red bags and Sharps containers in tenant spaces, and contracting for medical waste disposal directly with a medical waste disposal service.  The disposal of any medical waste in building trash is strictly prohibited.